Swimming Crab, Blue Swimming Crab and Chinese Portunus Hannii Crab, The meat of blue swimming crab, white and rich in protein, fat and various minerals. Swimming crab in winter wandering season, the individual is the most robust, general weight of about 250 grams, the maximum up to 500 grams.

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Name: Frozen Swimming Crab, Blue Swimming Crab, Chinese Portunus Hannii Crab

Weight(kg/ctn): 5 or 10

Size(g): 150~200, 200~300, 300~400, 400~500, 500+

Format: IQF or BQF

Treated: Not chemical treated

Process: Whole, HGT or HG.

Certificates: HACCP, HALAL, ISO, QS

Loading Port: Xiamen, China